If you are dedicated to your health and share a moral, spiritual or ethical conviction to help others, we invite you to join us and take charge of your health care!

It's not too late. Join us for 2018.

It's always open enrollment. Your application can be processed within about a week.

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  • Medical cost sharing is affordable and it works.
  • No network. Use any doctor with medical cost sharing.
  • Obamacare exempt. Avoid the tax and save.

A Values-Based Option for Health Care

Obamacare Exempt

Medical cost sharing is how we plan for unforeseen medical bills. It is like-minded individuals and families sharing medical expenses together. Our members are exempted under the ACA (Obamacare).
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Do the Math!

As a member, monthly costs range from $107 for a single member under 30 years old on the basic program to $449 a month for our most comprehensive program for a family, where members share all medical expenses up to $1,000,000 per incident. (Subject to the AUA, Eligible expenses shared per the guidelines)
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Choose Your Doctor

Because this is NOT INSURANCE you are not tied into a traditional network. You can see any doctor or go to any hospital that you would like. We've found that 90% of all health care providers are willing to accept our members.

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Take Charge of Your Health-care!

What a novel idea! Like many people, you too may be fed up with having others tell you what you have to do regarding your health-care and what your mandated treatment options are when you get sick or injured. Maybe you do not want to go the prescribed route. Maybe you do not agree with the prognosis or the government mandated protocol for your individual situation or that of your family.

We invite you to learn more about Medical Cost Sharing. It is how we plan for unforeseen medical bills. It is truly a breath of fresh air. Now you can take charge of your life and your health-care and legally opt out of the establishment system of Obamacare and health insurance.

What is Medical Cost Sharing?

Simply put, Medical Cost Sharing, also known as Health Care Sharing is the sharing of medical expenses done by a group of like-minded individuals and families who have decided to take back control of their own health-care decisions. Officially called Health Care Sharing Ministries, members who participate are exempt under Obamacare as a religious exemption and are not required to pay the individual mandate penalty.

These health conscious individuals believe in the Founding Fathers. They believe in our Declaration of Independence and as such, strongly believe and recognize that our rights come from God and not from any agency or man made government. To quote the founding document of the United States:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Are our bodies not a significant part of our Life? If we do not have control of our own bodies then what liberty do we have? And lastly, Thomas Jefferson defined the pursuit of Happiness as being property. If our own bodies do not belong to us as our own property then do we really own anything?

Our Medical Cost Sharing community also shares the belief that we have the right to worship how we please. We believe that we have a right and a duty to help our fellow man when he or she is in need. We also believe that it is our right and duty to treat our bodies with respect and in ways that promote good health and minimize sickness and disease. Lastly, we believe that it is our God given right to direct our own health care decisions, free from government involvement or oversight.

Are you willing to try something new?

What we are inviting you to try is called Medical Cost Sharing or Health Care Sharing. It is NOT Health Insurance. It's Better! Why? Because first of all it allows you, the individual, to make your own health-care decisions for yourself and for your family, not the government or agency protocols that some bureaucrats thousands of miles away have mandated. There are no networks of limited, authorized practitioners. You actually do get to choose or keep your doctor. You get to choose the facility that you go to.

Secondly, Medical Cost Sharing falls under the religious exemption to Obamacare. Our members are totally exempt from the individual mandate and the related tax penalties. All the information is documented here on our site.

Remember, this is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE. Medical Cost Sharing is a voluntary system of individuals who want to help their fellow man and in turn receive help when they need it as well. Our non-profit organization, using modern technology and efficient and streamlined administration, has proven that health-care needs can be met this way. With annual unshared amounts of between $500-$1,500 per year, members are assisted with unforeseeable medical expenses of up to $1 million per incident with our most comprehensive program. Monthly costs range from as low as $107 a month to $449 depending on your marital status and age and program selected.

Introducing Liberty HealthShare

MedicalCostShare.com is an authorized member sponsor of Liberty HealthShare. We are dedicated to helping people stay healthy and take charge of their health care in the most effective and inexpensive manner possible. We have joined Liberty HealthShare for our own families. We've partnered with Liberty HealthShare because Liberty provides amazing technology that makes medical cost sharing easy for its membership. It's membership programs provide a serious commitment for help in case of an emergency. Our members have been successfully sharing medical expenses for decades. As a 501c3 not-for-profit our only purpose is to share medical expenses when needs arise. The opportunity to share medical expenses is open to anyone who subscribes to our shared beliefs. This proven low cost system has been enjoyed by thousands of faith-based families for almost three decades.

Our goal at MedicalCostShare.com is to educate people about medical cost sharing. Many of us are wondering why we didn't try this sooner as opposed to being forced to investigate due to the changes in the laws and health industry. We have had a great experience as members of Liberty HealthShare. Don't delay. Please take the time to get educated about medical cost sharing and Liberty HealthShare. It's not for everyone, but if you think you might fit our criteria please take the time to investigate.

Medical Cost Sharing Works

So now you are aware of a viable option--a way to pay for unforeseen medical costs that is NOT INSURANCE--a valid method for fulfilling the mandate without having to pay the IRS additional taxes/penalties hoping and praying that you will always be healthy and never need any health care services.

Health care cost sharing isn't for everyone. If you share similar beliefs and if you want to take charge of your health-care and legally extricate yourself from the Obamacare system, then join a group of like-minded individuals who feel the same way about their bodies and their health. To find out more please check out our site and make an informed decision. Do the math. See if this will work for you. Take a step towards independence from the establishment medical system and choosing not to subject yourself and your family's health care to some government bureaucrat. I hope that you will decide to come along with us and with thousands of other people in this new revolution of Health Freedom.

Good luck and may God bless you.

Do I Qualify?

As a community, we believe in sharing one another's burdens and other common Christian values. We do not use tobacco in any form. We do not abuse alcohol or drugs. You qualify to join us if you agree with our shared beliefs and meet minimal criteria.

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Why are monthly costs so low?

We examine costs up front. Most people just go to the doctor and have no idea what their health care costs. Many people purchase care without becoming informed. We share in our actual costs, not projections. And we keep administrative costs very low.

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