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Following an incident that left her with a fractured shoulder Peggy soon found out the benefit of being a Liberty HealthShare member... "It was so easy, and the perfect experience. I couldnt have asked for things to have gone smoother!"
Peggy S.

Why be inclusive?

We feel it is important to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Our shared beliefs allow all Christians to join, whether they be Protestant, Evangelical, Anabaptist, non-denominational, Catholic or Mormon. After all we all share the same values found in the Bible. That is to say that we all believe in helping others bear the burdens that they can't bear on their own. We believe in taking care of ourselves and others. We believe God gives us those duties and that he gives us the right to make decisions about our own bodies without government or other bureaucratic interference.

There are several reasons that we hope everyone will try to be more inclusive as we spread this good word. First of all, people of values and faith need to stick together for strength in today's world. Secondly, many of us have been touched by God in our lives, regardless of denomination. Why would would we be exclusive because of such a worldly delineation? And most importantly our values encourage us to help others regardless of their beliefs. We think in the end you'll see that being inclusive isn't such a bad thing.

You don't have to pay even slight attention to the news in our day to realize the continued attack against basic biblical values in our society. As people of faith and common values, we need to look for opportunities to stand together and unite rather than worrying about our differences. Our government-dependent and media-hungry society is becoming increasingly less moral and less connected to each other. Many would rather that someone else take care of those who need help. Many would rather their values be forced on others. As we stand together we not only strengthen one another and provide help in times of need, but we present a more united front against the attack on our beliefs and values. And we create opportunities for discourse and the sharing of our beliefs along the way.

As people of faith we all know others who have been touched by God who aren't of our specific denomination. Many have no denomination but yet they demonstrate great faith. As we learn from God and others, we realize that regardless of the details, our fellow men and women have a great deal to offer us. If we can get past being right all the time, we might learn something and gain even more of the light we are looking for.

Most importantly, our values impel us to help others when they are in need, regardless of their belief structure. Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan. The whole point of the story was to provoke feeling in us to care for those who might have need of help regardless of any differences we might perceive between us. Medical expenses can become almost unbearable burdens when faced alone. Helping each other regardless of perceived differences only strengthens us in our faith and proves to heaven that we are greatful for the blessings we have been given.