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Dorsee B.

Are Prescription Drugs included?

Medical Cost Sharing is designed for those individuals who want to take control and responsibility for their own health-care. They are generally like-minded persons who take care of themselves and lead health conscious lifestyles. As such, dependency on long term pharmaceuticals is not generally compatible with that mindset or lifestyle. But, sometimes they are necessary.

Here's how we handle prescription drugs. Medications prescribed 45 days before and 45 days after each related medical incident are eligible for sharing. If prescription medication is required for longer term use, beyond the 90 days surrounding each incident, then those extended prescriptions would not be eligible for sharing. However, each of our Health Sharing Program Options (except for the Liberty Share) include a discount pharmacy program for any longer term needs and most pharmacies (like Walmart) have a wide variety of generics available at a very low cost. Remember you'll be saving a great deal of money by medical cost sharing.