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"I went into the doctor for my daughter's physical for high-school sports and they accepted the card without any questions. Since wellness visits are included, members shared my expenses. I love medical cost sharing."
Jen - Utah

What are my options?

Our medical cost share group offer three different program options for you to choose from. But first there are a couple of underlying fundamentals that you should know about.

Ultimately we are responsible for our own health and our own health-care. That is a paradigm shift for some who have historically been dependent on someone or something else for their decisions and their actions.

With Medical Cost Sharing you are responsible for what you eat, what you drink, the exercise that you do or do not do, and all the other decisions that you make regarding your health. You are responsible for the first $500 of health-care expenses each year if you are single, $1,000 if you are married and $1,500 if you have a family. There are no co-payments and there are no deductibles. You are 100% responsible for those Annual Unshared Amounts or AUAs. The AUA is the same for all three programs.

The good news is that after those Annual Unshared Amounts are paid, you now can share your medical expenses with the rest of the group who are standing by to help you.

Our most basic program is the Liberty Share Option. It shares 70% of eligible medical costs up to $125,000 per incident. Medical costs are shared on a per person, per incident basis, for illnesses or injuries incurring medical expenses when treated by any physician, urgent care facility, clinic, or hospital.

It is designed for the budget conscious who want a basic share program. It starts with a monthly amount as low as $107 for a single person under 30 and goes up to $395 for an entire family.

Our mid range program is called the Liberty Plus. It shares 100% of eligible medical costs up to $125,000 per incident. It is basically Liberty Share (but going to 100% of eligible medical costs), plus our SavNet package.

The SavNet package is a discount program which includes:

While dental, vision and hearing service costs are not ordinarily eligible for sharing by the members, you access those services at a significant discount through the SavNet program.

Monthly membership in Liberty Plus ranges from $131 for a single person under 30 to $424 for an entire family.

Last but not least is the Liberty Complete, which is our most comprehensive program. It is also our most popular. After you take care of your AUA you will have 100% of your eligible medical expenses shared up to $1,000,000 per incident! This also includes the SavNet package. That is peace of mind. Monthly amounts start as low as $149 for a single under 30 and cap out at $449 for an entire family.

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