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One member described how the provisional program changed her life. "It is not too good to be true. It is the real thing."
Dorsee B.

Enrollment is Easy

AKA: Is there a health screening?

The enrollment process in simple. It can be completed online in 10-20 minutes. You should however be aware in advance that in order to join, you do need to be of similar Christian belief and provide answers to a straightforward medical history questionnaire.

Medical cost sharing isn't for everyone. We want you to understand this. Our community may decline prospective members that don't share similar Christian beliefs or that have serious or current pre-existing conditions. That doesn't mean that you will be rejected if you have a pre-existing condition. (Sharing of medical expenses due to pre-existing conditions is limited in the guidelines.) This is why we have a short screening process. But once you are a member, as long as you remain in good standing you cannot be kicked out simply because you get sick or develop new medical needs.

Start the enrollment process by establishing an online account with Liberty HealthShare. Please follow the link provided here on our site and we'll send you right to the enrollment form. You provide basic contact information and your account is created. Once this step is completed, you can log out and come back to your account any time to complete your enrollment... like if the baby is crying and you needed to go take care of her for a few minutes.

The application program then asks for the contact information of your spouse if it is different and you enter the names and ages of any dependents. You also provide the height, weight and gender of all the members of your family.

The statement of beliefs comes next. The reason we exist is that we share similar religious or ethical beliefs. We are dedicated to our health. We don't smoke and we don't abuse alcohol or the like. You'll want to review these guiding principles before you start the process. They can be found on our site.

You will then pick the program you wish to participate in and provide payment information. Membership share amounts range from as low as $107 a month to $449 a month.

Finally, you will need to complete our Medical History Questionnaire. If necessary have any relevant information on hand (like the names of medications you are taking.)

Get started today by following the enrollment link here on our site. Your membership can be approved in as little as a few days.