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Peggy S.

Is Medical Cost Sharing really exempt from Obamacare?

When Obamacare was signed into existence in March 2010, there were several exemptions. These exemptions included being a member of U.S. Congress. No surprise there but there are a few other exemptions might surprise you.

You are exempt from Obamacare if you:

  1. make less than $9,700 per year, as an individual
  2. are indigent,
  3. are in prison,
  4. are an illegal alien,
  5. are a member of a Federally recognized Indian tribe,
  6. are a member of the Amish or Mennonite religions
  7. are a member of a Health Care Sharing Ministry
If you do not know what a Health Care Sharing Ministry is I would invite you to review this page first (click here) and then come back.

I know that it is hard to believe that an exemption such as this could exist, but it does. It is in fact, a legitimate, legal, accomodation that allows participating members to be Exempt from the individual mandate of the Obamacare Program and the IRS penalties which are associated with it. This exemption was written into the language of the bill and is found in section 1501 under Religious Exemptions on pages 148-149. You can see the language for yourself and link directly to the bill from our web site. (click here for the details)

The good news is, if you educate yourself here on our website and have the courage to take action, you too can take advantage of the exemption that was built into Obamacare that will make you and your family exempt and free to take back control of your health-care.