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One member described how the provisional program changed her life. "It is not too good to be true. It is the real thing."
Dorsee B.

Testimonials from Medical Cost Sharing Members

Rob and Chrissy Willington - October 2015
Child Life-Flighted to Major Hospital - Costs Shared as Expected
Quote: "With Liberty HealthShare we were very happy with the quality of service that we received in our circumstances... The costs were 100% shared by the membes."
Ellen B. - August 2015
Our experience with Liberty Health Share has been everything they promised it would be. A few months after enrolling, our son ran into a wall and broke his hand in such a way that it required surgical reconstruction. They really did share everything above our maximum personal responsibility, since we had already passed that annual unshared amount. Additionally, every time we call their help line to get questions answered, they are extremely helpful and easy to talk to. I feel confident in recommending Liberty Health Share to anyone looking for an alternative to health insurance.

Ellen B. - Utah

Stuart C. - October 2015
"We first used our membership last June when my wife, had a terrible bout with a kidney stone, which had to be removed at a local hospital. When she was admitted, they took the LHS card without any problems. Five hours later we had a huge $7,650 bill which was sent to the main office in Ohio. But when all was said and done, we paid our $1,500 unshared amount and LHS took care of all the rest. You have this great organization behind you to handle all the negotiating and repricing. There was no stress with the billing. We are definitely going to recommend this to our friends and other family members!"

Stuart C. - Utah

Peggy Sofran - January 2015
When Peggy first heard of Liberty HealthShare, she was skeptical. However, following an incident that left her with a fractured shoulder Peggy soon found out the benefit of being a Liberty HealthShare member. While ice-skating at her granddaughters 7th birthday party, Peggy took a tumble face first onto the ice. The fall caused her arm from her shoulder to her elbow to turn black and blue. It all happened so fast, I didnt even let go of my granddaughters hand. Both of my hands were in the air and I came down. I hit my left knee and hit my chest and shoulders. She had started to feel better after a couple of days thinking that maybe she had only bruised it. After a visit to her doctor though, he confirmed that sure enough she had fractured her shoulder.

Being used to insurance, she was nervous the first time she handed her Liberty HealthShare card to her doctors office. I was wondering what would happen once I used the card. I had kind of explained to the nurse how it worked and then she took down the cards information. Although the function of a health share plan was new to the nurse, she sent it to the billing department for processing. They didnt have a problem taking it at all; I thought Oh wow, this is nice! After Peggys second visit, her experience was even better. She went in for another x-ray, handing the card to the nurse who took it and handed her everything she needed to go in. Without any questions.

It was so easy, and the perfect experience. I couldnt have asked for things to have gone smoother!
Brandon - Self Employed
Brandon describes how medical cost sharing works.
Quote: "The deeper you dig into medical cost sharing we saw that over the last 30 years it has a really good track record. ... It's working for my family's health care."
Maryann Fitzpatrick
I used my membership card for the first time today, first at my new primary, and later at a specialist he referred me to. Neither office was familiar with the concept, but both were intrigued. I brought copies of pgs 147-148 of the PPACA to show where healthcare sharing ministries were specifically exempt from Obamacare. I also brought some pages I printed off the website explaining how it works, and that great interview with Dr. Elaina George from the May newsletter.

At both offices, the staff and doctors were very interested in learning more, and both accepted my card with no problem. The lady from billing at the specialist's office asked a few questions and said, "I like this idea. I'm willing to give it a shot!

My new primary, who was never available to me on previous insurance networks, is contemplating signing up his family. With four children, he and his wife are not happy with their current options. Like me, all they ever wanted was a catastrophic plan, in order to keep costs down.

So my biggest fear, that no one would want to accept my card, was completely unfounded, and I may have gotten us a few new members as well. Thanks, Liberty Healthshare!
Dorsee - A Nurse's Experience
Dorsee explains how the provisional program changed her life.
Quote: "It is not too good to be true. It is the real thing."
Kim - Saved Over 90% on Routine Procedure
Kim describes her story.
Quote: "It's very affordable for us..." The bill was knocked down by Liberty by 90%.
Jonathan - Historic Perspective
Jonathan's story about how medical cost sharing helped his family as a youth.
Quote: "I've been a recipient. I can stand and proclaim, 'It works!'"