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"Our son had to go to the emergency room. They took the card no problem. The bill was $2200. Liberty re-priced it down to $800 and we didn't even meet our family's annual unshared amount. Thanks everyone for this wonderful community!"
Patricia - Saratoga Springs

Welcome Kate Dalley Listeners

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about medical cost sharing. We would like to invite you to join the hundreds of thousands of health conscious people who have taken charge of our health-care by sharing medical costs. Medical cost sharing is not health insurance. It is how we plan for unforeseen medical bills. It happens when like-minded individuals and families share medical expenses together.

Liberty HealthShare is our Community

The official name of the sharing community we participate in is Liberty HealthShare. We are dedicated to individual rights especially relating to our own health care. We share common Christian values such as helping others and being dedicated to health in general.

You can learn if Medical Cost Sharing will work for you in just a few minutes. The following information will help you understand everything you need to know. You can also call OR TEXT your questions to 844-MedShar (844-633-7427).

How much does it cost? -

Do the Math! As a member, monthly costs range from $107 for a single member under 30 years old on our basic program to $449 a month for our most comprehensive program for a family, which shares 100% of medical expenses up to $1,000,000 per incident.

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Exempt from Obamacare -

Members of Recognized Health Care Sharing Ministries are Exempt From the Requirement to Have Health Insurance. The new health care reform legislation is called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Its more commonly referred to as Obamacare. INDIVIDUAL MANDATE. The ACA legislation contains many provisions ...
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How it works -

Our advanced technology allows members to help pay others' medical costs. Your monthly share amount is matched to either one or more members who have medical expenses... Here's a quick overview of the process:
  1. You visit the doctor.
  2. You present your membership card and the doctor's office makes a photo copy.
  3. The doctor's office submits the bill to ...
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Billing details -

In order to make sure your eligible medical expenses are shared by the community you'll want to understand the billing process. First make sure that you've informed your provider of where to send the bills, by presenting your Liberty HealthShare membership card when you next visit the doctor's office. The doctor will then send the bill directly to our administrative office for price negotiation and payment. (You don't have to negotiate...
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Who can join? -

Obviously medical cost sharing is not for everyone. We need to state that up front. You do have to qualify for membership. But the qualifications are not too strict and are really quite simple. Our community is dedicated to age old Christian values. You qualify to join our community if you...
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How do we keep costs so low? -

There are several reasons that we are able to keep costs low by medical cost sharing. It starts with a membership that is committed to health and good living. The program is structured to help members be responsible and make cost effective choices in health care. The costs are examined up front. Members share only the actual costs and the administrative ...
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Official Sharing Guidelines -

This document contains all the details. You'll find that we share expenses for traditional diagnosed medical emergencies and illnesses. (Doctors and Hospitals) ... and you pick your doctor. There is no network.

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Remember this is not health insurance. It's BETTER! Find out why many of us are wondering why we didn't learn about medical cost sharing sooner. Save money, take charge of your health care and support other like minded people by joining with us.