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"I went into the doctor for my daughter's physical for high-school sports and they accepted the card without any questions. Since wellness visits are included, members shared my expenses. I love medical cost sharing."
Jen - Utah

Naturopathic and/or Alternative Treatments

Do we share costs on natural and alternative treatments? YES! Our membership voted to share each others costs for alternative and natural treatments. Those treatments must meet certain criteria found below. We're excited to be one of the only communities that supports natural remedies and shares the costs as a group.

From the Sharing Guidelines

Treatment provided by a Naturopath or other practitioner of alternative treatments is eligible for sharing or at least partial sharing if such treatment meets the following criteria:
  1. It treats a medically diagnosed condition.
  2. It is less invasive than conventional medical treatment for the diagnosed condition.
  3. It is less costly than conventional medical treatment and is expected to prevent more costly future conventional treatment.
  4. It is presented for prior approval to Liberty HealthShare and the member agrees to any alteration of the treatment plan made by Liberty HealthShare.

Sharing Guidelines PDF