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One member described how the provisional program changed her life. "It is not too good to be true. It is the real thing."
Dorsee B.

How Medical Cost Sharing Keeps Costs Low

Costs are examined upfront.

You, the patient, take charge of your health care. By putting you in charge, unnecessary costs and procedures are eliminated. After all, it's your money! You review the treatment you receive, and you approve the costs. Liberty HealthShare has a team of professionals that will advocate for you throughout your medical incident to make sure your costs are managed effectively and make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Members share in actual costs, not projections.

We are not insurance and therefor do not engage in actuarial projections. We do not try and predict mathematically the expected medical costs of our members .We are non-profit and our job is to keep costs down. We share in the actual costs incurred by our members. Our members live health lifestyles, and therefor their costs are typically less. We emphasize spiritual principles of wellness, health and prevention. Health conscious people tend to have fewer bills, lower costs and more rapid recoveries.

Keeping Administrative Costs to a Minimum

Liberty HealthShare is a non-profit. Our experience (and our research) shows that insurance companies in the private market are heavy on administration. By contrast, our administrative costs are low. Liberty HealthShare administration costs averages about 12%. So 88% of all money goes directly to our members' medical needs!

"Liberty was a no brainer. There are no fines involed and it's much cheaper as well."
--Dr. Elaina George, Board Certified Otolaryngologist.