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"Our son had to go to the emergency room. They took the card no problem. The bill was $2200. Liberty re-priced it down to $800 and we didn't even meet our family's annual unshared amount. Thanks everyone for this wonderful community!"
Patricia - Saratoga Springs


As with anything in life it pays to do a little research. We have a great membership administrative unit dedicated to answering your questions and helping you get the best care in an affordable way. As a member if you ever have any questions about what types of expenses are eligible for sharing or whether your specific expense is or will be eligible, we recommend you call in and ask the question.

In certain circumstances we require that a member pre-notify the admin staff of our upcoming expenses. This will not only eliminate any chance that you won't be eligible to have the cost shared, it will also help the group negotiate for you and get the best pricing and get the best care.

Pre-notification is required for the following:

I'm sure that you're asking yourself at this point, how can I pre-notify in the event of an emergency admission? The main issue in this case is notification in a timely manner. All Emergency Hospital admissions AND Maternity admissions MUST be reported to the Pre-Notification Staff within forty-eight (48) hours following admission, or on the next business day after admission, to be eligible for sharing. If the Sharing Member is unable to Pre-Notify due to the severity of the Illness or Injury, then a Physician, or a responsible party representing the member should Pre- Notify at the earliest time reasonably possible. To determine eligibility for sharing, all Emergency Admissions are reviewed retrospectively to determine if the treatment received was Medically Necessary, appropriate, and was for Emergency Services

Please review the guidelines for more information.

Sharing Guidelines PDF