Authorized Liberty HealthShare Member Sponsor

One member described how the provisional program changed her life. "It is not too good to be true. It is the real thing."
Dorsee B.

Qualifications for Membership

Obviously medical cost sharing is not for everyone. We need to state that up front. You do have to qualify for membership. But the qualifications are not too strict and are really quite simple. Our community is dedicated to age old Christian values. You qualify to join our community if you: Note: We do accept smokers so long as they have a desire to quit and are willing to work with a health coach and participate in our provisional program (HealthTrac) until they have successfully quit.

In order to join with us in Liberty HealthShare you will be required to affirm our "Statement of Shared Beliefs."

Statement of Shared Beliefs

These Christian beliefs form the moral, spiritual and ethical basis for our interaction and relationship as a community. We make a somber and significant pledge to one another that we will aid, support and devote our resources to one another in this most personal area of our life: our healthcare!

If you can agree with that simple belief system, then Congratulations! You probably qualify!