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"I went into the doctor for my daughter's physical for high-school sports and they accepted the card without any questions. Since wellness visits are included, members shared my expenses. I love medical cost sharing."
Jen - Utah

Recent Testimonials

Dr. Elaina George
It was a no brainer, there are no fines involved and it isnt insurance. Its much cheaper as well. The bigger we get and ground swell into a national movement, the more likely it will be that physicians will not have to take insurance. We have a huge selling point. We are not only affordable, but you can see any doctor, or go to any hospital you want. That is true healthcare freedom! Furthermore, with the sharing power of the group, you never have to worry about your bills getting paid.
Kathleen - Florida
Kathleen has been an insurance broker for years in Orlando Florida. In May 2014, when she and her boyfriend Greg enrolled in Liberty Health Share, they did not have any idea what the future held for them. Like most people, who hear about medical cost sharing, they thought LHS sounded like a great concept of being able to keep your doctor, be exempt from Obamacare and of course the affordable pricing. They took it on faith that it would be there if and when they might need it.

Fast forward nine months to February 22, 2015. Unfortunately, Greg had a massive heart attack and was rushed to Orlando Regional Hospital. When Kathleen presented the LHS card at the emergency room, copies were made and Greg was admitted. He was triaged and had to have emergency surgery to put in a stint. It all went smoothly. After the surgery and rehab they got a bill for $171,600! ... And that was just for the hospital itself, not the surgeon or rehab. If they had had to pay that on their own Kathleen said, "We would have been completely wiped out." Fortunately for them, Greg was a member of LHS and they found out what it meant to have the backing of such a fantastic group of people. The negotiator for LHS was able to reprice the total bill down to $24,000. After Greg paid his unshared amount of $500, LHS shared and took care of the other $23,500 just like it was advertised. "I could not be happier with this wonderful program."

Ed Schaibly
Back in '05 I had enrolled in a large sharing organization until '08 (similar to Liberty Health). I enjoyed the many facets of their program, including being Christian based; members helping members; and having the freedom to go to any doctor or hospital. In '08, Illinois made it virtually impossible for them to do business here. That's when I had to change coverage and I enrolled in Blue Cross. Since '08, my premiums had gone up steadily but most notably in the past 2 years. My premium in '12 was $505/mo and when I received the latest rate increase and saw it jumping to $835/mo in Nov '14, I said enough is enough. And, we had a $5000 family deductable before anything was paid.

Interestingly with divine timing, I began hearing advertisements from my previous sharing organization on talk radio. I inquired and was excited to hear the past challenges in my state were now cleared up. Just before I went thru their application process, I saw an ad for Liberty Health. I was curious so I compared the two plans. I have been in the insurance business for 34 years so I'm pretty competent in comparing plans. There were many similarities that I liked very much. But I found 2 major differences that stood out. Liberty's monthly share for my wife was about 30% less (premium in insurance terminology), with my family unfunded annual share (out-of-pocket) of only $1000/yr vs. $3750. That is a huge difference in my estimation.

Liberty's roots go back to 1995; the leadership is solid and they have a long track record of experience and success. This organization in my estimation, is poised to explode because of it's leadership, the current national healthcare debacle, and the afforability of its programs for working families. And, I love the fact that this organization is exempt from the ACA mandate. But more importantly, we each make a difference in helping and praying, for our fellow members lives. Welcome once again, to experiencing freedom of being in control of your family's healthcare, and having the ability to keep your doctor and hospital of choice.

Scott Zimmerman - Self Employed
Scott had a ruptured polyp.
"Liberty took care of everything for me. ... I recall seeing bills that were repriced from thousands of dollars to hundreds of dollars. It was interesting to me to see how the medical industry works and how good Liberty was at taking big numbers and reducing them to small numbers. ... Within a couple of weeks I was 100% back to health."