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"I went into the doctor for my daughter's physical for high-school sports and they accepted the card without any questions. Since wellness visits are included, members shared my expenses. I love medical cost sharing."
Jen - Utah

Sharing Guidelines What's Eligible

Our medical cost sharing community is built around members sharing common medical expenses. Our members live all over the country. We pay for each others' medical bills that are eligible for sharing. This isn't a program where you have to visit doctors in a certain network or who follow a certain discipline. Our members determine what health care actions they should take.

In order to be eligible to have your expenses shared by the membership group, you need to make sure your medical expenses meet the guidelines. The guidelines provide a baseline set of rules to keep things fair among the membership.

Our members share these kinds of costs:

As you can see, we share costs for traditional emergency and non-emergency situations for diagnosed medical incidents. Please review the current guidelines so that you will understand specifically what is eligible and what is not. We provide a link from this site to the guidelines. If necessary we would be glad to get your questions answered in person. Just enter your name and number at the bottom of any page on our web site.

Sharing Guidelines PDF