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Following an incident that left her with a fractured shoulder Peggy soon found out the benefit of being a Liberty HealthShare member... "It was so easy, and the perfect experience. I couldnt have asked for things to have gone smoother!"
Peggy S.

What if I don't agree with cost eligibilty decisions?

Our Medical Cost Sharing Group is a voluntary association of like-minded individuals. As a unified group with common Christian values, we care about what other members think. We also recognize that we must maintain some level of fairness in the way the shared funds are allocated. However, we realize that from time to time differences of opinion may occur.

In becoming a member of our Medical Cost Sharing Group you agree that any dispute that you may have with or against our Group its associates or employees will be settled through our appeals process as a course of last resort.

Most appeals are easily resolved with a simple phone call. It is also nice to know that there are an additional three levels of appeal if necessary to resolve any issues. Please see our guidelines booklet under the heading of Dispute Resolution and Appeal for all the details.

Sharing Guidelines PDF