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What is an Incident?

When participating in medical cost sharing, medical costs are shared on a person to person basis for illnesses or injuries requiring professional medical attention. A medical incident is the term we use to describe what expenses are eligible to be shared by our members.

Here's the definition of an incident: A Medical Expense Incident is any medically diagnosed condition receiving medical treatment and incurring medical expenses of the same diagnosis. All related medical bills of the same diagnosis comprise the same incident.

Members share hospital and physician services, emergency room charges, ambulance, prescription drug, physical therapy and home health charges that relate to the medical incident as per the sharing guidelines.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the sharing guidelines. As with any group of people we've set up some rules to regulate our system and keep things fair between members. This type of structure helps us keep our costs low and take care of each others' medical needs.

From the Guidelines:

Medical Expenses Eligible for Sharing. Medical costs are shared on a per person per incident 6.1.1 9 basis for illnesses or injuries incurring medical expenses after the membership effective date when medically necessary and provided by or under the direction of licensed physicians, osteopaths, urgent care facilities, clinics, emergency rooms, or hospitals (inpatient and outpatient) , or other approved providers of conventional or naturopathic care . Medical expenses eligible for sharing include, but are not limited to, home health care, physician and hospital services, emergency medical care, medical testing, x - rays, ambulance transportation and prescriptions, unless otherwise limited or excluded by these Guidelines.

Sharing Guidelines PDF