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"Our son had to go to the emergency room. They took the card no problem. The bill was $2200. Liberty re-priced it down to $800 and we didn't even meet our family's annual unshared amount. Thanks everyone for this wonderful community!"
Patricia - Saratoga Springs

"The Catch"

The catch is that health care cost sharing is not insurance. We do not make an insurance guarantee or insure that you will receive benefits. However, medical cost sharing members do actually pay for their memberships medical costs. For example, since its inception in 1988, Liberty HealthShare's membership has not failed to pay for any shared expenses that were eligible for sharing under its guidelines. There is no guarantee because this is not insurance. The members simply commit to pay for each others medical costs by paying a fixed monthly "share amount" to pay for each others expenses.

The difference is similar to that of a bank and a credit union. They perform similar functions. Banks operate "for profit." Credit unions are "non profit." Similar to credit unions, medical cost sharing groups are "non profit". They are run by their members and members coordinate, usually on a yearly basis, to make appropriate changes to their group programs.

These groups use different vocaublary to make sure members understand that this is not insurance.

For instance:

Please remember this:

Medical cost sharing is not insurance. If you're comparing the two, it's not apples to apples. Many people are concerned that our membership group is not going to be there for them in a crisis. We want you to remember that if you're preparing for crisis then you're exactly the type of person we want involved in our membership. If you do your homework we're confident you'll find that most insurance companies may have already written exclusions into their policies for apocalyptic scenarios like war, terrorism and acts of God. Please go read the fine print and deterimine for yourself. Our membership is like a family. We're committed to helping each other. We are morally and ethically linked and that is an incredibly strong commitment.