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"Liberty took care of everything for me. ... I recall seeing bills that were repriced from thousands of dollars to hundreds of dollars. ... Within a couple of weeks I was 100% back to health."
Scott Z.

Choose any Doctor!

By participating in a nationwide medical cost sharing group, you are not tied into an insurance paradigm. Generally what happens is that regional insurance companies negotiate costs with local providers and set up hospitals in their area so that they can control both the prices and access to medical care. To save money, customers are funnled into care channels that may not be the best for them.

Health care cost sharing allows members freedom in selecting providers that they like and that they feel meet their needs best. The membership group gives its members access to discounts similar to those which insurers require. The level of help you receive may vary from one health sharing ministry to the next. That's why we chose to partner with Liberty HealthShare. Nearly all providers accept our membership's rate schedule without question when you present your membership card. The others might call to confirm or ask questions. With all the doctors that have decided not to accept Obamacare insurance, medical cost sharing is a great option. They are after all going to be paid in cash for the services they render. It's a win win.

When faced with significant health needs and proceedures such as surgery, Liberty provides a customer service staff that will make sure that you receive the best prices possible from your providers in advance. This helps you and our entire membership.